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Woodhouse Achieves National Online Safety Safe Remote Education Accreditation

Woodhouse Primary Academy has successfully completed a comprehensive remote education training programme demonstrating its commitment to providing high-quality remote education, keeping children and young people safe online and supporting pupil wellbeing.

Woodhouse has received a National Online Safety Safe Remote Education Accreditation for its successful approach towards safeguarding children and supporting pupil wellbeing during remote teaching and learning.

National Online Safety is a multi-award winning digital training provider with extensive resources in online safety, developed in line with the Department of Education’s statutory requirements.

Its CPD accredited courses and educational resources support UK schools in educating the whole school community in online safety– including all school staff, senior leaders, teachers and parents – on how to make the internet a safer place for children.

James Southworth, co-founder at National Online Safety, said: “Congratulations to everyone at Woodhouse Primary Academy on achieving their National Online Safety Safe Remote Education Accreditation. By completing our training programme, the school has shown its strong commitment to implementing the most effective approach to delivering remote education.”

“It can be increasingly difficult for schools to keep up with DfE expectations surrounding remote education to ensure both children and staff follow the necessary safeguarding protocols and know how to spot any potential wellbeing issues. We’ve armed schools with the knowledge they need to understand their responsibilities and how best to react to any problems.”

Safer Internet Day 2021

Here you’ll find fun and engaging activities that parents and carers can do with children of all ages to support this year’s Safer Internet Day theme:

‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world.’

Work through these activities together to help your child question what they see online and make sense of the digital world. Find more activities to run with different ages in the Safer Internet Day Education Packs: saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2021

Maintaining Good Well-being Whilst in Lockdown

The Birmingham Education Partnership have released a PowerPoint document you and your children to achieve better sleep during this period of disruption.

To access the PowerPoint, please click here.

*NEW* Parent Guides

If you are struggling with any of the online software that we use for Home Learning, then our new page with links to videos and guidance is the place to go. We will be adding new guides as we see or create them.

Please browse here.

Tails From the Zoo

Once upon a time there were two wonderful zoos full of wonderful animals, and zookeepers who worked tirelessly to care for them and teach their visitors all about wildlife. Then an unwelcome villain forced the zoos to close their doors… so the heroic zookeepers found a way to help their animals and bring the zoo to the people…

Zookeepers at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos have swapped their brooms for books to launch a series of virtual bedtime stories – in a bid to keep their beloved animals in touch with their youngest fans during the nationwide lockdown.

The Tails from the Zoo will be available to watch online on the Zoos’ official Facebook pages each weekend from Saturday 16 January until Sunday 21 February, with a different animal-inspired story told from the two zoos’ most popular exhibits every Saturday and Sunday evening.

To tune into the Tails from the Zoo bedtime stories, all you have to do is simply visit ZSL London Zoo’s Facebook page on Saturday evening at 6:30pm and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s Facebook page on Sunday at the same time and then get comfy – our zookeepers will take care of the rest!

Simple Fun Activities for Kids Newborn to Five

Many little things light up hungry little minds. Kids take everything in, and even the smallest things you do with them can make a big difference.

They love it when you chat, play and read with them, even when they’re too young to understand everything. Whatever the time and wherever you are, you can turn almost anything into a game. And every little thing you do together will help set them up nicely for the day they start school.

We understand that due to the coronavirus outbreak, you and your children are spending more time at home and you might be looking for a bit more inspiration for things to do. Start by trying some of these simple, fun activities.

Please go to Hungry Little Minds

Warwick Castle Online Learning

Warwick Castle have created an online library containing all sorts of activities to do at home. They have videos, activity packs and colouring. There is even a virtual tour of the castle itself.

To access the resources, click here.

How to Use Google Classroom

You might have welcomed a new colleague into your home office recently and we can imagine it’s been a difficult adjustment, but also a positive one in some ways. Yay for having a lunch-break buddy! With schools shut, your children are often now working at the desk right next to you. If you’re worried about straining your broadband’s bandwidth, there’s no need. They can happily type away while you do the same, all without compromising on speed or reliability.

With schooling going virtual, there are some new tools you need to familiarise yourself with. You’ve heard of Google Classroom, but what is it exactly? And should it incite fear? Quite the opposite, in fact. The free Google web service aims to make sharing files between teachers and students a piece of cake, providing an easy way to create, distribute and mark assignments.

Virgin Media have created a very useful guide here.

12th January 2021

School has already given out a whole range of devices to eligible children in Y3-6, and some additional school devices for some children in Y2.

We are working hard to try to provide more devices to those in need, we have given all we have out, but we are trying to get more. Please indicate if this would help you.

We will prioritise those with the greatest need and for whom a device will make the biggest impact with any future devices we are able to gather.

Thank you, Mr Wilson.

To indicate if this would help you, please fill out this form.

UPDATED: CBBC Home Learning Programmes

As a third national lockdown is under way, the BBC is bringing hundreds of educational resources together to help with home schooling.

Whether on TV, online or on social media, we have lots of brilliant content to help you learn at home.


  • Starting on Monday 11 January, CBBC will broadcast three hours of primary school programmes from 9am every weekday. They will include BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other much-loved shows with an educational twist, such as Our School, Celebrity Supply Teacher, Horrible Histories and more.

  • Secondary students will be able to watch two hours of programmes supporting the curriculum on BBC Two every weekday. These will be complemented by drama adaptations, as well as relevant BBC science, history and factual programmes.

  • Bitesize Daily Primary and Secondary will also air every day on BBC Red Button, and episodes will be available on demand on BBC iPlayer.

To see the Lockdown Learning Schedule, please click here.

LIVE: Virtual Zoo Day!

🎥 LIVE Virtual Zoo Days… are back! 🙌

🏡 Experience a WHOLE DAY of amazing animal antics LIVE from your living room!

⏰ Join us on our Facebook and YouTube pages from 10am as we bring the UK’s number one zoo to you!

😍 Featuring LOADS of your favourite species, great educational content, fab facts and info about wildlife conservation...

10:00 – 10:20 👉 Red pandas 🐼

11:00 – 11:20 👉 Asian elephants 🐘

12:00 – 12:20 👉 Sunda gharial crocodiles 🐊

13:00 – 13:30 👉 Monsoon Forest (the UK’s BIGGEST indoor zoo building) 🌴

Access the virtual zoo day by clicking here.

Videos for Physical Activity

Daily physical activity is very important to help keep a healthy mind and body during this difficult time. Have a look at the slideshow to get some great ideas to help you to keep fit!

Healthy body = healthy mind

To watch the slideshow, please click here.

Using Your Console to Access Google Classroom

Did you know that Google Classroom can be opened on Xbox and Playstation. There isn’t an app that your children can add to their consoles. Instead, they are going to have to use the built-in browsers that come on the two devices. On Xbox, it is Microsoft Edge. On Playstation, it is the “www” browser. Your children will probably know how to find the browsers on their consoles, but if not, each one has a search function they can access on the home screen.

Once the browser has been opened:

1. Type in classroom.google.com in the URL bar.

2. A prompt for a Google account will appear.

3. Type in your school Google email address and password – this is usually firstname.lastname@woodhouse.academy

4. The Classroom home screen will open up.

If your children have a keyboard they can plug in, they will have a much easier time of navigation. Otherwise, they will have to use their controllers to click on the classroom tiles, open up assignments and type.

Hope this helps!

To see a visual guide, please click here.

CGP Primary Home Learning

Our best learn-at-home resources for Primary, all in one place — from free worksheets and online tests, to brilliant money-saving book bundles.

If you'd like to hear more about our newest books and free resources sign up to our emails!

To access the resources, please click here.

CBBC Home Learning Programmes

As from Monday 11th January, the BBC will be showing a range of programmes which are suitable for Primary School Children, from 9am - 12pm each week day. Your class teacher will be in touch over the next few days to suggest which programmes will be most suitable for your child/ren.

The link below will take you to the BBC iPlayer pages where you can see in advance the programmes they will be showing next week. You will be able to watch the programmes on your regular TV as well as devices from Monday onwards.

To access the programme guide, please click here.