Archived Home Learning News 06/01/21

17/07/2020 Woodhouse Launches Summer Passport 2020

Mrs Williams has collected together a whole bunch of fun things from school staff to do during the summer break, from baking to creating a time capsule. All you need to do is go to the Summer 2020 Passport website, go to the Passport page and start following the links. If you want to record what you have completed you can download the Passport, and tick them off.

15/07/2020 Lockdown Leavers 2020 Video Released

We are excited to announce that we have released the Lockdown Leavers 2020 video, to say good bye and good luck to all of our Year 6. Find the video here -

25/06/2020 Woodhouse Virtual Sports Day 2020

We have launched our very new and very different Virtual Sports Day for all of our children to take part in.

There is a video that explains how it all works along with some staff attempts at the events. Once completed, children just need to upload their scores using the link below or there's an email address in the video if they can't access the link.

Here is the link to tell you all about this year's Sports Day:

To add your scores, click here:

Have fun!

About the Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge, presented by The Reading Agency, is delivered in partnership with public libraries and funded by Arts Council England. The Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to enjoy the benefits of reading for pleasure over the summer holidays, providing lots of fun as well as preventing the summer reading ‘dip’.

Each year the Challenge motivates over 700,000 children to keep reading to build their skills and confidence.

This year, the Summer Reading Challenge’s Silly Squad will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the Challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck into all sorts of funny books!

The 2020 Challenge features bespoke artwork from award-winning children’s author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson (Amelia Fang; Evil Emperor Penguin; I Don’t Want Curly Hair).

To access the Summer Reading Challenge, click here.

07/07/2020 Listen. Can you hear that? That's the call of the wild!

Lots of things threaten nature, but there are many positive things we can do to help.

Wild Challenge is a free award scheme that anyone can take part in, that prompts children to connect with, and learn about, nature through a series of fun and engaging activities.

At the RSPB we believe in inclusivity which is why we accept submissions from all ages and abilities. This makes Wild Challenge a perfect framework for learning. Mainly designed for primary aged school pupils in mainstream education, it can easily be adapted for Home Educators, pupils with Special Educational Needs and Early Years.

All you need to do is create an account and an online profile and within a few quick and easy steps you’ll be ready to get started with your wild challenge.

To access the challenge, please click here.

22/06/2020 New reading app call Rivet launched.

Rivet is a new reading app with over 3,500 free leveled books designed for children who are learning to read. Rivet is free! The app and the books in the app are completely free to use. Offering a wide variety of free reading content is core to our mission of improving reading practice for early readers. Rivet is built by a small team from Area 120 by Google. Our mission is better independent reading practice for early readers. Rivet works on Android smartphones and tablets, Chromebooks, iPhones and iPads, and Kindle Fire. Devices must be running either Android 5.0, iOS 9.0, Fire OS 5.0 or higher.

To access Rivet, please click here.

15/06/2020 Links to teacher YouTube channels added.

Some teachers have been busy making videos during the lockdown, and have created YouTube channels so that you can see them too. Links are available on our YouTube page here.

03/06/2020 New STEM Resources Added

We have added some new links to STEM resources. Please go to our STEM page to have a look.

19/05/2020 What Parents Need to Know About Playstation 4

Since arriving on the market in 1994, PlayStation has become one of the most recognised names in the gaming industry. Its current model, the PlayStation 4, is an all-in-one entertainment hub, offering much more than just the ability to game with internet access, streaming services and online chat features. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help parents and carers understand exactly what the PlayStation 4 is all about.

PlayStation is one of the most widely known games consoles in the world. It can offer hours of entertainment for children who can soon find themselves immersed in the latest gaming release. But how does it work? What features does it house? And should parents have any safety concerns? Find out with this guide.

Created by gaming expert, Mark Foster, this guide will aim to provide parents and carers with an understanding of what the PlayStation offers beyond just gaming. As always, the guide also provides a number of useful tips for parents and carers to consider around safe use of the platform.

Click here to open the free guide.

14/05/2020 Free Resources For Mental Health Week

It's Mental Health Awareness Week from the 18th to the 24th May and national awareness campaigns can be a great way to start a discussion on a subject.

To help support your pupils we have created this brand new video on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Loudmouth is a theatre in education company that delivers performances and workshops to help children and young people to stay healthy, happy and safe, and during normal times we run a programme called Bully 4 U on bullying and mental wellbeing.

We have lots more lesson plans and resources available on mental wellbeing tap here for details on your free access.

12/05/2020 What Parents Need to Know About Online Grooming

It would be no exaggeration to state that children’s internet usage will have soared during the coronavirus lockdown. However, with increased use unfortunately comes increased risk and many experts and leading authorities in the media are warning of the dangers around online grooming. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help parents and carers understand exactly what online grooming is all about.

Online grooming can cause irreversible damage and with more and more children looking to explore the online world through different social media apps and gaming platforms, it’s not hard to meet someone you don’t know. So, what should parents look out for? What are the signs? And what can be done to help protect children? Find out with this guide.

Created by online safety and social media expert, Jonathan Taylor, this guide aims to give parents a starting point for advice and support around online grooming. As always, the guide also provides a number of useful tips for parents and carers to consider to help keep their children safe online.

Click here to download the guide.

11/05/2020 75th Anniversary of VE Day Video

The video clip is a compilation of activities and celebrations that have taken place by children across school. Children have been busy cooking, creating decorations and most importantly remembering and marking the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The children of Woodhouse continue to thank all key workers in the present but will never forget the opportunities we have now because of what happened in the past.

Click here to view the clip.

11/05/2020 BCC Advice For Families of Children with SEND

We understand that this is a challenging time for you and your family, and you may be feeling worried about the impact this will have on your child or children with special educational needs or disabilities.

We are reviewing the situation daily and want to resume all services as soon as we can. In the meantime, we are continuing to provide our services in different ways to support for you and your family wherever we can, including over the phone and via video.

This poster provides a summary of the latest information and advice for you. You can find out more, including frequently asked questions, tips and links to useful websites and resources, on our Coronavirus support web pages.

To download the poster, please click here.

11/05/2020 Woodhouse Staff Attempt a Snake Dance!

Do you want to see the staff all trying to do a snake dance? It's hilarious. Click here to have a look.

07/05/2020 Woodhouse Thanks the Key Workers

Thank you all for letting me have your amazing photos and videos to thank the NHS and Key Workers. Click here to have a look at the finished video.

06/05/2020 Have You Got the Power In You?

We’re really excited to invite you to get involved in a special #YVatHome project over the next few weeks!

Young Voices, the current Guinness World Record holders for the world’s largest simultaneous sing are staging the the World’s Largest Children’s Choir at Home for a record breaking #PowerInMe Singing Challenge and dedicate it to all our teachers.

On 2nd June 2020 - you are invited along with families and children from across the world to pay tribute to all teachers by joining together to sing “The Power in Me” from the safety of your own homes.

You can register your involvement at to access learning resources for the song. More importantly - we are asking you to share this email with your parents and children to get them directly involved.

In the weeks leading up to the main event on 2nd June, you are encouraged to take part in the #PowerInMe singing challenge and to film yourselves singing the song’s lyrics “I've got the Power In Me" and post it online with the hashtag to see who responds completing the song’s chorus "You’ve got the Power in You!".

It is all explained here by David Lawrence and Francisco Nunez.

05/05/2020 Oak National Academy Launches Online SEND Curriculum

The virtual school Oak National Academy has launched a new specialist curriculum for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

The content is free to access for schools and families, created in collaboration with over 20 teachers and therapists from special schools nationwide.

The lessons are designed for families to work through with their child, as many pupils with the greatest additional learning needs cannot access online learning independently.

To access the specialist curriculum, click here.

04/05/2020 #COVIBOOK Supporting and reassuring children around the world

Dear families and educator all over the world,

I have created this short book to support and reassure our children, under the age of 7, regarding the COVID-19. This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation. It is important to point out that this resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information, but rather a tool based on fantasy. My recommendation is to print this material so children can draw on it. Remember that emotions are processed through repetitive play and stories read multiple times. Share COVIBOOK and help ease kiddo's anxiety all over the world.

​With love,
Manuela Molina - the author

Click here to access the book.

30/04/2020 Mental Health Support Launched in Birmingham & Solihull

A range of new, easily accessible mental health support is now available for patients in Birmingham and Solihull, based around four groups:

  • 0-18 year olds in Birmingham

  • 0-19 year olds in Solihull

  • Over 18s in Birmingham and Solihull

  • Key workers.

These services are provided by a range of local organisations, and offer emotional help, guidance and reassurance to people in Birmingham and Solihull who may be finding the current Coronavirus situation overwhelming. The flyer contains more details

The flyer attached here includes information about the mental health services available.

Contact details for SENAR

We are aware that some families are experiencing difficulty getting in touch with the SENAR team. Please note the NEW contact details if you need to get in touch with the team who will ensure your enquiry is dealt with in a timely manner.

  • Families who would like to speak to someone about their child, please call our Parent Link Service on 0121 303 8461 or email

28/04/2020 Helping you avoid COVID‑19 online scams

In response to the news that COVID-19 fraud reports have increased by 400% since March, Google has created a website with tips for spotting and avoiding online scams.

As people across the UK stay home and use technology to work, communicate and relax, the new platform outlines some the most common scams they may face

Click here to access the website.

28/04/2020 What Parents Need to Know About Netflix

Netflix is arguably the most widely used and best known video-on-demand (VoD) streaming service in the world. It’s extensive library of films and TV shows can offer endless hours of entertainment and, in the current climate, it’s a great way to kill some time whilst keeping safe at home, providing both child friendly and more adult-themed programming. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help parents and carers understand exactly what Netflix is all about.

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Netflix. Available on most devices, its popularity represents the shift in consumer behaviour towards watching content on demand over scheduled TV. But what’s its main features? What should parents be aware of? And is it safe for children to use? Find out with this guide.

Created by experienced research and content lead, Pete Badh, this guide explores the main features that have made Netflix so popular and the key themes that parents need to know about. As always, the guide will also provide a number of useful tips for parents and carers to consider around ensuring a safer Netflix experience for their children.

To download the guide, please click here.

27/04/2020 Trusted News to Make Young People Think

We are creating free access to our products for a limited period of time, to help parents, children and schools during any isolation or school closures.

First News is a weekly newspaper aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds that aims to get kids talking about the news in an easy to understand and non-threatening way.

We cover issues which are relevant to children and which specifically affect them. Inside you’ll find a mix of world news and UK news, but also loads of fun stuff, such as entertainment, games, animals, sport and puzzles.

News is all around us and children pick up on news wherever they go. But not all news is bad and we passionately believe there are lots of positive stories out there. We love to cover the nice news too and celebrate what is good about the world.

Children and parents love the bright, colourful format and fascinating pictures that support the stories. The articles are just the right length to keep children’s attention. Plus it looks like a newspaper – this goes down really well with kids! And we’re independent!

To get your free copy of First News, please click here.

24/04/2020 We Miss You!

Everyone at Woodhouse is missing you, the children. So, just in case you were in any doubt, we made a video!

Click here to have a look and a laugh!

24/04/2020 Happy Friday To You All

Happy Friday to you all.

This is a special message from Miss Homer and Mrs Pugh.

They are creating our own Woodhouse rainbow display at school which celebrates all the wonderful things that you have been up to at home or at school.

Please send pictures to: or

This could be: artwork, models, gardening,dens, baking, nature walk, family celebrations. writing, maths, clap for carers Thursday photo from your street, your house rainbow...

Absolutely anything that shows us what wonderful things you are all doing whilst we are apart.

We can't wait to see them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe, love Miss Lavelle x

23/04/2020 EEF Produce Parent Video to Aid Home Routine

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) have produced a video to help parents build a great home learning routine with their children.

To have a look at the video please go to our Mental Health page.

20/04/2020 Online Learning Links Added

As the lockdown continues, and home learning goes on, so the number of resources available increases. Below is a list of online lessons provided by Oak National Academy, and BBC Bitesize. If there is a specific lesson that you teacher wants you to do, they will direct you from within your Google Classroom.

Click here to access the web page.

17/04/2020 Computing Resources Added

We have added links to resources to get you all coding. Click here to go to the Computing page.

16/04/2020 Fantastic YouTube Channels Added

YouTube can be a great source of education and entertainment – and with many of us currently stuck indoors for large parts of the day, that makes it a fantastic tool for keeping children occupied.

With thousands of channels to choose from, though, finding the best content for your child may seem like a daunting task. What’s more, not everything on YouTube is suitable for children – so unless they’re using the YouTube Kids app, they could potentially stumble across something they really shouldn’t be watching.

Fortunately, there are plenty of child-friendly YouTube channels for your kids to get stuck into. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites here.

14/04/2020 Dyson Design & Technology Challenge Cards

Dyson engineers have designed these challenges specifically for children. Ideal for home or in the classroom, they encourage inquisitive young minds to get excited about engineering.

Click here to access the challenges.

14/04/2020 Time For Kids Digital Library Free For The Rest Of The School Year

As the world asks more of families and teachers, TIME for Kids salutes you, and we're here to support you! TIME for Kids is in the unique position to help kids understand this unprecedented moment.

Click here for free access to a library of four year-specific digital editions of TIME for Kids and Your $ financial literacy magazine.

14/04/2020 Activity Village Free Activities

Activity Village have pulled together some of their favourite activities into bundles - and for the next few weeks at least they are making them free for everyone to download. Have a look at the Activities page here.

03/04/2020 I am a Robot sing, sign and dance challenge

Calling all grown-ups!

Do you know a young person who would like to appear in a BBC Bring the Noise music video? Now is their chance!

Three simple steps

  1. First learn the song, sign and dance routine by watching our tutorial film.

  2. Next use Play It! to play the full track I am a Robot and sing, sign and dance along.

  3. Finally use a tablet or smartphone to make a film of your piece.

To access the web page, click here.

03/04/2020 Daily PE Challenge Day 11


Not actually, but we’d like you to practice your juggling skills. Ideally you need bean bags or balls for this but to make it easy, pairs of socks are fantastic.

Start: Use 2 socks. Hold 1 sock in each hand. Throw 1, then the other and try to catch them in the opposite hand.

Next: Can you progress and do this with 3 socks?

Further: Roll the socks into a ball, repeat the steps.

03/04/2020 World Autism Awareness Week - Day 5

As many of you may be aware, this week is World Autism Awareness Week. Even though we are not together to celebrate this, we can still take part at a distance.

Each day this week there week we will add a link to a website with an ASC focus. These websites include support, strategies and resources for parents, young people and adults with autism.

Autism Education Trust -

02/04/2020 Daily PE Challenge Day 10

Mission Impossible.

You will need someone to help you with this game (even if they don’t want to play, they just need to be the ‘guard’)
Pick an item – this is going to be the item you will need to extract upon your secret mission. Give this to the guard and ask them to place it somewhere in sight of both of you.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: RETRIEVE THE ITEM You can do this at any point in the day….take your time, if they see you taking the item then you have failed your mission. Can you trick them into leaving the item? Can you be sneaky enough to retrieve it without them noticing?

02/04/2020 World Autism Awareness Week - Day 4

As many of you may be aware, this week is World Autism Awareness Week. Even though we are not together to celebrate this, we can still take part at a distance.

Each day this week there week we will add a link to a website with an ASC focus. These websites include support, strategies and resources for parents, young people and adults with autism.

Ambitious About Autism -

01/04/2020 Daily PE Challenge Day 9

Challenge: Create your own game!

Use your imagination, use anything you are able to from home. Be as creative as you can be.

What are the rules of your game? How many players are there? Are there any teams? Can you win or is it for fun?

Extension: Come up with a name for your game and play it!

01/04/2020 World Autism Awareness Week - Day 3

As many of you may be aware, this week is World Autism Awareness Week. Even though we are not together to celebrate this, we can still take part at a distance.

Each day this week there week we will add a link to a website with an ASC focus. These websites include support, strategies and resources for parents, young people and adults with autism.

National Autistic Society -

31/03/2020 New Music Resources Added

We have added new links to music resources. Go and have a look at the Music page.

31/03/2020 World Autism Awareness Week - Day 2

As many of you may be aware, this week is World Autism Awareness Week. Even though we are not together to celebrate this, we can still take part at a distance.

Each day this week there week we will add a link to a website with an ASC focus. These websites include support, strategies and resources for parents, young people and adults with autism.

Autism West Midlands -

31/03/2020 Daily PE Challenge Day 8


Do not look at the list yet!!!!! First, get a watch, a timer or someone to time you. When your time begins, you have 3 minutes to find ALL 10 of the following items from around your home. Are you ready? GO!!!!!!!!!!

1) A pair of socks

2) A spoon

3) Something wooden

4) A dice

5) A CD or disk

6) An item of clothing that belongs to someone else

7) Something green

8) Something bigger than your head

9) Something metal

10) A piece of fruit (now eat this for a healthy snack

Can you challenge a family member and see who finds them in the quickest time?

For additional challenges, take a look at this.

31/03/2020 Welcome to the new Home Learning Website

Welcome to the new home learning website for Woodhouse Primary Academy. We have moved all of the content from the school website to a dedicated site to make navigation easier. All new content will now be added here. We hope you find the new website much clearer!

30/03/2020 World Autism Awareness Week - Day 1

As many of you may be aware, this week is World Autism Awareness Week. Even though we are not together to celebrate this, we can still take part at a distance.

Each day this week there week we will add a link to a website with an ASC focus. These websites include support, strategies and resources for parents, young people and adults with autism.

Resources for Autism -

30/03/2020 Daily PE Challenge Day 7


How flexible are you? How is your muscular control? Take a look at the Youtube link and try some Yoga:

30/03/2020 Star on the cover of Guinness World Records 2021!

To celebrate the new Guinness World Records 2021 edition, they are offering 3 lucky winners the chance to be featured on the front cover, drawn by award-winning illustrator Rod Hunt!

Enter their competition and Rod will not only draw you - but you'll find yourself on the cover, bouncing on the world's largest whoopee cushion.

To enter the competition, click here.

26/03/2020 A Letter to the Children of Woodhouse Primary Academy

A letter for all children of Woodhouse Primary Academy from Mr Wilson. Please read, or ask an adult to read this to you.

Letter to children 26/3/2020

25/03/2020 Parent's Guide to Houseparty

In the current environment, many of us are using different ways to try and keep in touch with our friends and family. One app that has risen in popularity is Houseparty, which gained the no.1 spot on the app store after becoming one of the most downloaded apps since social isolation was introduced. Billed as a ‘face to face social network’ the platform launched in 2016 but isn’t as widely known as Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat. That’s why we’ve created this guide for parents and carers to help them understand exactly what Houseparty is all about.

Houseparty is a great way to speak live-time to multiple people in different locations. It seems like the perfect way to keep in touch during these difficult times. But is the app safe? What should parents be aware of? And how can you protect your child’s privacy? Find out with this guide.

Created by the team at National Online Safety, this guide explores the main features that have made Houseparty so popular and the key themes that parents need to know about. As always, the guide will also provide several useful tips for parents and carers to consider around ensuring a safer experience for their children.

To download the guide, please click here.

25/03/2020 Daily PE Challenge Day 6

Press Up Race

Place 2 small flat items on the floor, a sock, a piece of paper, anything you can find to use.

Have a start line and a finish line.

Place the first item on the start line and get into a press up position above this item. (Hands flat on the floor, legs and body straight, toes touching the floor).

Have the second item just next to you, slightly closer to the finish line.

When your time starts, remain in your press up position and move across to the second item.

Whilst here, pick up the first item and move it past you, again slightly closer to the finish line.

Repeat until you reach the end.

What was your time? Take a short rest and then try and beat your time.

Could you challenge a family member? Could you make the distance even further?

Good luck!

25/03/2020 Educational Psychologist Telephone Helpline for Parents & Carers

Do you as a parent or carer at home with your children during the school shut down, feel that you need someone to talk to about how you can cope with this challenging time for families?

Birmingham Educational Psychology Service is providing a telephone helpline for any parent or carers of children, who feel they would benefit from a consultation with a psychologist to support them with any concerns arising at this time, for them or their families.

Click here to download the flyer.

24/03/2020 Free Stream Audible Stories

For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Explore the collection, select a title and start listening.

It's that easy.

To listen to free stories, please click here.