UWMAT Guidance on Domestic Abuse

The University of Wolverhampton Multi Academy Trust have produced a useful new document with information, guidance and resources for victims of domestic abuse. To download this guide, please click here.

How to work from home when the kids are around

Perhaps you once dreamt of a flexible working arrangement, with days at home happily spent drifting from garden to keyboard, balancing client calls with WhatsApp chats? What you probably didn’t factor in was having the whole family in lockdown.

Many of us are now having to adjust to a new way of doing things and are discovering that working from home – with children around – brings a whole new set of pressures. So, your imagined, carefully choreographed day has become, in reality, a nightmare of noisy kids clamouring for your attention. Suddenly, you need to balance the demands of your employer with those of your family.

How are you to cope when the two distinct worlds of parenting and work collide? The answer, to some extent, will depend on the age of your children and whether you are sharing the load with a partner. But here are some ideas to relieve the potential stress.

What would schools normally be telling children about internet safety?

Children get lots of internet safety information at school: it’s a legal requirement. Four different types of government guidance set out how teachers must cover online safety at various stages of school life.

During the current coronavirus lock-down, children are using the internet more than ever. What with learning, socialising and play, they’re hardly off it – and there are enormous benefits. But there are also, of course, some risks – and children are unlikely to be getting much internet safety advice from their teachers right now.

So how can parents back up the usual information and guidance? And how can you talk to your children about internet safety in a way that doesn’t make them switch off?

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