Online Learning

As the lockdown continues, and home learning goes on, so the number of resources available increases. Below is a list of online lessons provided by Oak National Academy, and BBC Bitesize. If there is a specific lesson that you teacher wants you to do, they will direct you from within your Google Classroom.

Welcome to the online classroom. Here you can access all of our lessons.

To see the full plan of what we’re teaching this week, download our plan.

If you’re a parent or a pupil, before you start, please talk to your teacher in your school about how best to use these resources and read our information for parents and pupils.

If you’re a teacher, before you start, please take a look at our suggestions on how to make the most of this resource.

Daily lessons are here!

School shut? We’re bringing you three new lessons every weekday, with videos, activities and more.

Click here to access the site.

Hello there, Parents and Carers!

As schools worldwide close for now in response to COVID-19, you might be wondering how best to help your child or children with their studies at home.

Always happy to help, the White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8. We will be adding five more each week for the next few weeks. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.

To access the resources, please click here.

Free English and maths materials in our Learning at Home packs

Starting with Week 3*, we are providing 12 more weeks of systematic sessions, guaranteeing coverage and progression. The packs can form the backbone of children’s learning at home and are stand-alone or usable alongside other materials. Overviews for teachers are available, along with video advice about working at home with children.

To access the resources, please click here.